About Us

Our Story

Pop Munchies Gourmet Popcorn; Real ingredients, real delicious! My love for popcorn and the passion for trying new ingredients and new flavours is what give birth to Pop Munchies Gourmet Popcorn in 2016. It began with a bit of research when the idea of caramel popcorn came about. I made a call to an agent who sells popcorn equipment. She was very pleasant, informative, helpful, professional, friendly, and most of all very excited for me. She provided great knowledge about the product’s creativity and ability with so much passion and confidence, I became very excited myself. Without hesitation, I placed the order within a few days.

Today, we offer a wide variety of flavours: glaze pop, caramels, cheese, kettle corn, and savory flavours; with butter, kettle corn and toffee caramel being our leading flavours. We provide popcorn for all occasions; birthday, wedding etc. In addition to providing for occasions, we sell popcorn in lots of public and private events.

It has now been almost 4 years since in existence, and I must say it has done extremely well thus far. It took hard work, dedication, patience, trial and error, and support from our agent; but most of all love and passion for the business. Pop Munchies is Grenada’s leading popcorn business. We are consistent with our taste and flavours as we use only the finest ingredients.

Looking forward to continued growth by adding new flavours and more options. We are striving to become the leading gourmet popcorn business in the region.